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A monthly delve into the collections of the History of Medicine Library and the heritage of the RACP.

Artificial pneumothorax

Artificial pneumothorax :

a milestone in the treatment of tuberculosis

Australasian Medical Gazette

Tracing the roots :

a chronology of 19th century colonial medical journals in Australasia

Drawing room of 147 Macquarie St

147 Macquarie St :

a history of the 'other' College building

Compotus cum commento

Treasures of the collection :


Initials of Sigismund Brown scratched into case of microscope

A pioneer's microscope

Council Room of the RACP, 1939

Heritage update :

successful 'Open Sydney' and 'Friends' launch

Warren Kidson, John Casey and Ted Kraegen

Low-dose insulin infusion in diabetic ketoacidosis:

the legacy over the past 50 years
145 Macquarie St

Open Sydney:

visit your College

Journal title page

From Proceedings to IMJ:

a history of the College journals - part 1

Bookplate exhibition

New Exhibition:

Bookplates - a celebration

Fellows Room

Appreciating our heritage:

your Fellows Room

145 Macquarie St

The 'changing face' of the College

Exam for FRACP in Council Room Library

Why does the College have a History of Medicine Library?

Cotter Harvey speaking to reporters on liberation in 1945

Anzac memories:

Cotter Harvey at war

Wilson Ingram BANZARE box

An ideal medical man:

William Wilson Ingram

Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales:

A front row view of the natural history of the Eora nation in 1788

Cowlishaw stairs

Leslie Cowlishaw

First librarian of the College

Warrigal Club with high fence 1909

Macquarie Street mystery

Who were the mysterious buyers of 145 Macquarie Street in 1929?

The Library needs 'friends'

The Library needs 'friends'

Geriatric medicine history project

Milestones of caring

The History Project of the Australian New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine

Vaccination rewind

Vaccination rewind

Why was there a Sydney reprint of Jenner's 'Inquiry'?

Artworks invigorate

Artworks invigorate College

Sidney Nolan and Lloyd Rees paintings on show at College

Frederic Wood Jones

Frederic Wood Jones

anatomist, naturalist, peripatetic

Dorothy Roseby

Dorothy Roseby

First secretary of the RACP

Hans Bandler

"...Life is not quite so easy at present...”

Hans Bandler's escape from Nazi Austria

Quarantine in the early days of the Victorian Colony

"...a coffin was absolutely necessary"

Quarantine in the early days of the Victorian colony

On the Origin of the Species

On the Origin of the Species

Darwin's seminal work is one of the most important books ever published

Association of Physicians of Australasia

The Association of Physicians of Australasia

Precursor organisation to the RACP



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